As I was preparing to write a new article this morning about cesarean sections, I asked the mamas on my Facebook page what they’d like to learn or read about. I received a response asking about the topic I am sharing with you now. I thought it was an excellent topic.

I remember having extreme nervous shakes as I went in to the hospital on an early Saturday morning for my second cesarean surgery. So nervous and shaky, I couldn’t tell whether I was contracting or scared to bits.

A Cesarean section is a big surgery, and yes, nerves are wrecked, which could make for an even more tense experience. So here are a few tips that I wish I had known before going in to surgery.

  1. Meditate


Don’t worry if it already sounds daunting, it’s not. It doesn’t have to be a huge 2 day or 2 hour process. The idea behind meditation is to quite your monkey mind. And it works. If you’re so nervous that you’re having trouble sleeping, take 5-10 minutes to quiet your mind before bed, or even throughout the day. It goes a little something like this:

Find a comfortable place to sit, get comfy, and close your eyes. Take a big inhale through your nose, then a big, sighing exhale through your mouth. Repeat 3-5 times. Then, sit in silence, uninterrupted for 5- 10 minutes, focusing on your regular inhale and exhale. But what about all the crazy thoughts that pop up, you say? Take notice, and then let them float away like a cloud in the sky. Sound crazy? Well, it works.

Take your time with it. Maybe you start with 3 minutes, that’s fine. Work your way to 10 minutes. Or longer!

You can even try recorded guided meditations. Try the great Google to find some.


  1. Affirmations


They work! Create a phrase or just pick one word that reminds you that you’re okay, you’re strong, everything will go smoothly, you are supported, you are a freaking rock star for making and delivering a baby! (that last one is my fave.)


  1. Music


Music is freaking amazing! It brings back memories, it soothes, it makes us happy, and it’s healing. Have you seen the video about music and Alzheimer’s? Amazing!

Put together a play list to listen to before bed to calm your nerves. Create one for the hospital. Then create another one for when you’re home with your new sweet bundle and you need to relax.


  1. Vision

Create a picture in your mind how you’d like it all to go down, the surgery, your postpartum stay in the hospital, the people you’d like to have around you, and the atmosphere at home when you return. Then, keep playing that in your mind like a nonstop movie. Better yet, write it down, (kind of like a birth plan), and then get your tribe in place!


  1. Tribe

Speaking of tribe.. This is HUGE. Get your friends, sisters, neighbors, mom, and anyone within arms reach to help you create the ease and flow that is so necessary for a mom-to-be and a new mama. It will keep you sane, happy, and you’ll be better able to care for you new bundle. (your partner will thank you, too)


  1. Lavender

Ohh it smells so good, and it’s calming. Grab a fresh bunch or 3 and spread it throughout your house. Better yet, grab a bottle of lavender essential oil and place it under your nose, on your wrists, and on your temples. Exhale with me now. Ahhh


  1. Hold something

Do you have a special something that someone has given you or that you purchased for yourself that has special meaning? Maybe it’s a rock, or a healing crystal, small piece of jewelry; something that fits in your palm and reminds you that you are loved, you are supported, and you are strong. Are you following the theme here?


  1. Acupuncture or Acupressure

 I LOVE acupuncture! I’m always recommending it to my clients because I think it’s a tremendous compliment to Pilates. It can basically heal and relieve anything. I think it’s just about as miraculous as Pilates. It’s a close call.

If you’re suffering from nerves, anxiety and stress around having a cesarean section, find an amazing acupuncturist in your area.

And you’re suffering from pain after surgery. Acupuncture.


Remember, mama, you got this. You’re strong, you’re able and everything is going to be OK.

And when your body is ready to rehabilitate after your surgery, grab the ‘New Mama Body Reset’ bundle I created just for you! $19

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