What happens when you can’t get out of the house with a new baby but you really need some support? Who do you turn to with questions, advice, or “is this normal” concerns at 3 am? What if the entire family has caught a bug but you really want to connect with a mama just to chat?
Hayley Nivelle created ellie app for that very reason. She found a need and made a way for groups of women to connect virtually to get their questions answered and just to cheer each other on during their journey of motherhood. Listen to our conversation about how it all began.

Hayley Nivelle, Co-Founder & CEO, the ellie app

Hayley spent over 10 years as a corporate attorney in NYC before she left her job to launch her start-up, ellie, an app for parenting groups. Her experience negotiating multi-million dollar deals at a top NYC law firm, to managing the legal (and often business) operations of a fast-paced publicly traded technology company, has left Hayley uniquely positioned to face the challenges of running a start up with two young boys. She created the ellie app, while working full time, as a direct result of her experience with parenting groups. She was tired of having to use Facebook and quickly learned other parents felt the same way. She left her corporate position in October of 2018 to dedicate 100% of her time to running and growing ellie.

Hayley graduated cum laude with a degree in finance from the Honors Program at Kansas State University, where she was also elected Student Body President of the undergraduate population of 23,000, the second female in the school’s history. She holds a J.D from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a certificate from the Wharton School in Business and Public Policy. Hayley is a millennial mom to one year and three year old boys. You can download the ellie app on iOS and Android.

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