Love letters (and women thriving) make my heart sing.❤️

“Before I met you, Natalie, I was very low on my self-worth and overweight. I needed to turn my life around and you played a part to help with that.

I was a size 14 and overweight. I did not have confidence in my worth or talent for food or otherwise. I felt like a fat loser. Three years later, I am a size 6.

I know I have a talent for cooking and a talent for bringing people together. I was able to have a healthy baby and a better postpartum the second time around.

You convinced me I was worth taking a shot on personally and I did this four-month journey with you following a cross-country move that had turned my world upside down.

My world will always be hectic and messy but you are a great piece of it that helps me find my happy. Helps me organize my thoughts. Helps me feel my value.

You did it three years ago. You intensified it about four months ago and I couldn’t be more grateful.”