Beyond The Kegel

A virtual workshop by Natalie Garay

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A (virtual) Pelvic Floor Strengthening Workshop

Attention Mamas! Do you ever find yourself grabbing your lady parts when you sneeze? How about when you jump? Do you leak when you exercise?

It happens more than women care to share and at all stages of life due to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy, childbirth, and aging are just a few reasons we might experience pelvic floor weakness, which can cause urinary leakage and even organ prolapse.

The good news is there is a solution!

Strengthening the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles with Pilates techniques can prevent these types of uncomfortable experiences and supports your overall health and wellbeing!

Get access to my most popular and informative workshop to watch on your own time and learn how to strengthen this region that can often feel challenging to access.

The workshop will begin with an in-depth presentation and discussion, providing you with a clear understanding of the pelvic floor, it’s purpose and the importance of strengthening it. Plus I share about the energetics within your pelvis and the incredibly important role your abdominals play in all of this.

The workshop also includes a gentle, yet effective Pilates practice video geared to engage and strengthen the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles. Plus a bonus PDF with exercises to help you continue your Pilates practice.

You will feel empowered knowing how to energize your body and gain very useful techniques to continue to build in strength.

This workshop is appropriate for women of all ages and Pilates experience is not required.

Beyond The Kegel: A (virtual) Pelvic Floor Strengthening Workshop

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"I used to experience leakage while playing with the kids on a trampoline, while jump roping, even when I’d sneeze – these were the embarrassing moments I dreaded.

I knew I had a problem, and I worked around it by wearing pads or crossing my legs, telling myself unconsentual peeing (as I call it) was the inevitable result of giving birth and getting older.

Frankly, in a culture where pelvic floor issues aren’t discussed openly, I wasn’t even sure where to turn for support and coaching.

I was introduced to Natalie through my chiropractor, and I realized in my first session with her that with determination and focus I could strengthen my pelvic floor and say goodbye to leakage.

Just a few months later, working with Natalie, trampolines are no problem, I can now do hundreds of “double unders” (double jump roping) without leakage, and I don’t need to cross my legs when I sneeze.

Natalie has been a huge gift to me, since I went from feeling a general sense of shame about my body to feeling empowered and confident. You won’t find me shopping for adult diapers when I’m older – and I’m so grateful to Natalie for the strength and knowledge I needed to connect with pelvic floor health!"