You need {ther • happy}

Mini Sanity-Saver Gift Set of Aromatherapy Mists



This fantastic trio includes all 3 of our mists in a 2 oz travel size. 

They're great to have on hand at home, and on the go, and they make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

This gift set includes:

Calm the F* Down-- organic lavender and tangerine essential oils, angelica and lemon balm flower essences, and distilled water.

Rise the F* Up-- organic cardamom and grapefruit essential oils, angelica, and borage flower essences, and distilled water.

Go the F* to Sleep-- organic lavender and lemon essential oils, lemon balm and borage flower essences, and distilled water.


Each mist is safe for kids and pets. 

They can be sprayed in your room, office, on your pillow or sheets, and on yourself. 


Shake well, spritz, and save your f*cking sanity. Contact us to order from You Need Ther-Happy.

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