When we think of retreats and getting away, most of the time we picture it without our the kids or without our partners. But what if you’re a new mom and you want to get away but you’re not ready to leave the baby behind yet? Clio Wood found this to be true when she had her baby. She was ready to get away from home but the baby was too young to leave behind, nor did she want to leave her family behind. Clio wanted to get away with her partner and enjoy her new family but couldn’t find anything to meet this want, so she created it herself.
Listen to my interview with Clio about the beautiful family healing retreats she’s created.
Clio Wood is the Founder of &Breathe, an award-winning family wellbeing company.  She is passionate about self care and helps new parents get fit, eat well and feel good on &Breathe’s postpartum and family fitness retreats held in France, the UK and Morocco. Babies and kids are more than welcome and childcare is part of the package!

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