This is such an important conversation. Moving into motherhood is a huge transition, and I hear a lot of women say they that don’t know who they are anymore. As we take on a new role and identity in life when we become parents, how do we move into that space comfortably? Listen to my conversation with Jasmine and hear how she utilizes energetics as one of her tool to navigate your new life.
Jasmine Montoya is a “Life Alchemist,” she utilizes both Reiki healing and coaching work to
support women in clearing past traumas to love themselves unconditionally and create thriving
relationships. Jasmine lives in Los Angeles with her son Noah where she works with clients
one-on-one and in retreat and workshop settings. Learn more and receive free daily practices
and self-love affirmations at

Jasmine is graciously offering a discount to her upcoming course. Whether you’re transitioning through divorce or not, the tools could apply to your daily life. Use the code: therhappy

The In-between- A healing program for women transitioning through divorce

This six week virtual course confronts the energetic healing process of divorce. Using the mastery of Reiki, virtual group coaching sessions, and social media tools, we’ll explore the following: 
Understanding emotional triggers 
Releasing limiting beliefs 
Breaking ancestral patterns 
Forgiving yourself and your partner
Developing intuition 
Meditation and conscious living 
Manifesting the life you wan
Join me to learn the tools and techniques you’ll need to truly move on to your tomorrow. Trust the process, let go, and know that you’ll be firmly grounded in your love and truth, and feel supported and loved every step of the way.