When I connected with Karla last Fall and learned about the #wearemoody app, it was only available in the UK. I was able to get access and use the app for several months. It’s amazing what they’ve come up with and created to help us understand our cycles and rhythms. Each month, we know our body and hormones are shifting as we near our cycle and end our cycle but how often do we really understand what our hormone levels are doing during this time and what to do to support them?

When you begin tracking your cycles, the Moody app will give you tips on how to support your body at each point in your cycle. Do you need more water, what’s going on with your estrogen levels, do you need to take a supportive supplement? I love it and I think you will, too!

Meet Karla:

For over fifteen years, Karla Vitrone held leadership roles at the world’s top advertising agencies. During tenures at Wieden & Kennedy and 72andSunny, she led strategic partnerships with clients such as Nike, Diageo, Heineken, Apple, and Netflix. After being diagnosed with an under active thyroid after childbirth and experiencing severe side effects from hormonal in balances she joined long time friend Amy Thomson to co-found Moody.

Download ‘Moody Month’ from the app store and find their website here moodymonth.com