I loved this conversation with Shannon, not only is she super funny but she’s incredibly smart, compassionate, and full of energy. I wanted to chat all day about how she runs her EIGHT salons. Eight! And about how she makes sure her staff is trained to care for the people who come through her doors. Check out my conversation with Shannon here and if you’re in the PNW, go check out one of her salons.

Meet Shannon:

Shannon is the Founder and visionary behind Urban Waxx. A New Jersey girl at heart, Shannon moved to Portland (by way of Charleston, SC and LA), in January 2007. After 10 years of working in spas and salons all around the country, she opened her dream business: a waxx only salon with an over the top customer service philosophy. Shannon is also the creator and developer of Serious Serum and Fresh wipes, and Mom to Stella and Dino, Tabor and Casey.