Tara and I have so many similarities, it’s a little bizarre. She’s a Pilates instructor, former studio owner, pelvic floor specialist, mother of twins, AND she studies homeopathic herbs.
Tara has since taken a slight pivot from her Pilates work and is focusing more on herbal medicine for children and mamas. Listen to our conversation here as she shares her story and how herbs could be great for you!
Tara Gregorio, Certified Women’s Herbal Educator, is a community herbalist studying homeopathy with over eleven years of experience and training. She combines her knowledge of gut healing with a traditional herbal philosophy that promotes health and relieves illness with little or no conventional medication use.
After experiencing postpartum depression for over 23 months, she focuses on helping other busy mommas reduce anxiety through diet, herbal remedies, and lifestyle practices.
A mother of active, six-year-old twins, Tara also specializes in reducing antibiotics with our children through food and herbal remedies in her course Home Remedies For Children. She currently accepts clients for health consultations.
Free children’s recipes:
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