Holistic Healing For Mamas

One on one sessions are available in-person and online

The combination of my 15 plus years of Pilates instruction experience specializing on the anatomy and energetics of the pelvis, my knowledge as a Flower Essence Therapist, my insight as an intuitive healer, as well as my experience as a mom of 3 who has healed her mind, body and soul with this exact process.

With weekly Private Pilates sessions tailored to meet your body’s specific needs, a monthly Flower Essence Therapy session, in-person and online community support, and suggested daily mindfulness practices, you’ll feel stronger from the inside out.


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Private Pilates Sessions

I tailor each session to meet your body's specific needs. Each session is 55-60 minutes in length.

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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences are homeopathic dilutions of flowers used to address emotional and physical imbalance. After a 60-minute conversation, I’ll create a custom Flower Essence remedy for you.

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