Mentorship for Healers

To become an instructor at {ther • happy}, join me for my 8-week mentorship program

This Methode Mentorship is an 8-week, in-person, journey for Pilates Instructors or women who have a passion for supporting postpartum women and are looking for a new, fulfilling career path.

The combination of my 14 plus years of Pilates instruction experience specializing on the anatomy and energetics of the pelvis, my knowledge as a Flower Essence Therapist, my insight as an intuitive healer, as well as my experience as a mom of 3 who has healed her mind, body, and soul with this exact process.

The Four Pillars

Here is what we will cover over the 8 week period:

Other Options

Full Pilates Apparatus Training is available. Please contact me to discuss details.