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Private Pilates Sessions with Natalie Garay

Pilates is not only healing to the body but also to the mind and spirit. Healing will take place. I have experienced it over the years and I see it on a regular basis. To aid in the healing process, I incorporate Flower Essences; it’s a magical compliment to Pilates for a complete healing modality.

Your first session is a 60-70 minute consultation. During this time, we will discuss your needs, then I’ll show you how to reconnect to your core and help you build a strong foundation by teaching you fundamentals of Pilates. I’ll also give you some home exercises to practice. From there, we’ll discuss your commitment and schedule your upcoming sessions.

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Private Studio

By appointment only

902 West Grand Ave
Grover Beach, CA 93433

  • What to expect

    I offer Private Pilates sessions only so that I can tailor the practice to meet your body’s specific needs. During your first appointment, we’ll start with some deep abdominal connection exercises to build a strong foundation, then slowly move into a gentle strengthening practice. You’ll leave feeling stretched, rejuvenated and strong.

  • What to wear

    Wear comfy, somewhat form fitting clothes so that I can see your body’s alignment.

  • How often should I practice

    I recommend coming in at least twice a week as you’re beginning to build strength. However, if time doesn’t allow you to make into the studio twice a week, I will give you home exercises to practice in-between sessions. The key to seeing and feeling stronger is consistency.

  • What if I don't live near the studio?

    No problem! I have several clients all over the U.S. that I work with online via Skype or Facetime. Some of my clients have a Pilates Reformer at home, others use a Mat and Pilates props. I can recommend props for you to purchase.

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Private Pilates Instruction with a focus on the pelvis, Flower Essence Therapy, mindfulness practices, and the support of an open-hearted community.

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