Zuzanna shares openly about her work as a model and her journey with an eating disorder through pregnancy.


Zuzanna Buchwald is 30, originally from Poland, and now lives in Southampton NY, with her fiancee and daughter Louisa. She’s a model, activist, mentor in the field of eating disorders, soon-to-be meditation teacher, open-minded adventurer, free-spirited nomad, plant eater and life lover. Although she was born on Friday the 13th under the astrological Scorpio, she considers herself very lucky. After living all over the world , she recently settled on a historic estate in Southampton, NY to give herself some space to mother, breathe and recover from the craziness of her 20s. Now that her daughter is almost 18 months old, she is ready to go out into the world again in service to others. She is in the process of being a certified meditation teacher and she would like to build her own mindfulness brand some time in the nearest future.

Instagram: @ZuzaBuchwald
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zuzanna.buchwald
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