An Introduction to {ther • happy}

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An Introduction to {ther • happy}

This series includes 3 Private Pilates sessions, (2) 60-minute sessions, and (1) 90-minute Privates Pilates and introduction to Flower Essence Therapy session. You'll also receive a 1/2 oz. tincture of my signature Calming Remedy.

These sessions are a great way for you to get a feel for the Pilates equipment and how I work, and I'll get feel for what your body needs. I look at the whole being, physical, emotional, and energetic.

Each Private Pilates session is tailored to meet your strengthening or rehabilitation needs. We'll start with assessing your alignment, strength, and balance.

We'll talk about your goals and how you want to feel overall before we come up with a plan for you.

If you're ready to strengthen your overall wellbeing to improve your daily life, sign up below to get started. 

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