When people think of grief, we think of loss and pain but what about during life changing events, even the happy ones. Motherhood comes with so many new experiences and shifts, it’s life changing and not always easy.

In this conversation with Donna Helete, Regenerative Grief Coach, we talk about what that looks like and how to live through it with ease and grace.

Learn more about Donna and her work below:

Donna Helete is a regenerative grief coach who holds space for both celebrations and mournings as grief and joy are inextricably linked. Donna guides people through the often unfamiliar landscape of grief in one-on-one sessions and grief workshops. She writes and speaks about grief and joy, death and the vibrancy of life. Her experience includes mentoring, community building, and her own deep dive into grief with the death of her husband. donnahelete.com.

“Let grief rewild you. Embrace the regenerative nature of grief.”