Have I told you this one already? It started around February of 2012. I had had it.

I was feeling blah and tired of it. I had been teaching Pilates for about 9 years, just made a move north from Los Angeles County to Ventura County; which meant a new area, another new school, new parents to meet and a new community to roam about.

I was really feeling out a place in my new neighborhood and new Pilates studio, plus I was further away from my friends- and for those of you who don’t know me, I love to be surrounded by friends and family at all times. It’s kind of ridiculous.

But anyway, so now, here I was a mama flying solo with my 3 spunky nuggets in new territory and I felt blah!



I wanted to experience more, I wanted new adventures, fun, I wanted to create and I wanted to change the world, basically. You know, your everyday wants.

But how to get the strength, motivation and courage even, to get from where I was to where I wanted to go? I had no idea. I didn’t even know where I wanted to go really; I just knew I wasn’t there yet.

So this is what I did. You’re going to laugh because it sounds so simple it’s almost ridiculous. I decided to commit myself to 3 workouts a week. Yes, that’s where I started and that’s all it took to create some massive change in my life.

Being a Pilates Instructor doesn’t mean I get to work out all the time. It means I have to squeeze my workouts in to my schedule before, during or after work just like everyone else. And usually, I’m ready to get the heck out of dodge at the end of my day; so staying longer to work myself out is the last thing I want to do.

I hear this a lot when I first meet someone and mention what I do for work. “Oh you must be in great shape from working out all the time!” Um, no love, that means I stand there and bark orders, basically.

Ok, back to my life changing commitment. Like I said, I decided to commit to three workouts per week, so I found a Pilates (with a twist) type studio near my new house. And when I say committed, I mean committed. I paid my monthly membership, which was more cost effective if I agreed to a 6 month contract, so that’s what I did. Why not, I was committing right? I registered for the classes I wanted to take one month in advance and marched my happy bum over to the studio directly after dropping the girls off at school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes I threw in a weekend workout for good measure.

Now, here’s where I think planning and committing is key because if it ain’t planned, it ain’t happening, people. So, may I suggest getting a solid plan in effect? Put your workouts in your calendar and pay for them in advance.

You’re more likely to make it happen when you’ve got someone holding you accountable, like your Pilates Instructor for instance, who will think not nice things if you stand her up at 6am, right?

So get it in the planner not just for the week but for the upcoming months, too. You’ll start to feel better after your first workout but if you really want to see results, you’ve got to give it 3 months at least.

So here’s what my workouts did for me. 6 months later not only was I looking pretty good physically but I was feeling like a freakin’ rockstar! I had more energy throughout the day; I was eating better, which by the way, goes hand in hand with working out. If you’re working that hard on your physical body, you’re less likely to grab crappy food to fuel up with. This is when I learned about better eating habits and what I would need to sustain myself better throughout my workouts.


Benefit number 2: I was happier! How many people would agree that happy people are more fun to be around? Hello! I turned into the annoying person who is always smiling and I would say “Hi” to anybody who passed me.

My favorite wellness quote comes from the brilliant Elle Woods of the Legally Blonde blockbuster series. She reminds us that exercise creates endorphins, endorphins make us happy; happy people don’t kill their husbands.  So there you have it, folks.

Not only was I looking good, feeling good and glowing but I was getting some major creative downloads during my workouts. Ideas for work, new business, and philanthropic ideas were flowing. (One of them I happen to have launched in September this year, by the way. Take a peek at NatalieGaray.com)

This was life-changing stuff. There was a definite shift in mind, body, and soul for me. And it all came from making a commitment and saying “yes” to myself and making the time to care for my body.  When we show up for ourselves, amazing things happen.

How can you create space in your life today for a game-changing shift?

Sending love,

The Pilates Mama

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