Oh motherhood, it’s been a journey, that’s for sure but what I’ve experienced over the last 14 (plus!) years has turned into something amazing. It’s what I now talk about and teach the women that I meet in my online communities and in my studio.

Below I’ve listed just a few things I learned about my experience as a solo mother of 3, as a practitioner in the birth and postpartum world, and as a sister in a tribe of amazing women.

Key Messages:

  • Women aren’t receiving the necessary information about rehabilitating physically and emotionally after birth.
  • Strengthening your abdominals and pelvic floor after birth or surgery is imperative
  • It’s not just your physical body that needs support after birth, your energetic and emotional body needs attention too.
  • Your Pelvis, Your Power: The Container for your confidence, finances, and success.
  • Regular mindfulness practices, movement, and sister connection time are key to feeling grounded, inspired, and whole.
  • Pregnancy, birth, and surgery can affect your energetic body.

I’ve taken all of the above and created a Methode to support women and help them feel whole, connected, and balanced.

My methode and mission are to guide women back to their whole, strong self.  I do that by offering Private Pilates sessions (the only way to effectively reconnect to and strengthen your abdominals deeply) specializing in pelvic floor strengthening, Flower Essence Therapy to support physical and emotional imbalances, a supportive community, and by recommending consistent mindfulness practices, celebrations, and fun.

All of these are essential to feeling strong, inspired and whole.


Is this for you?

This Methode is for Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Doulas, Midwives, and Women’s Health Professionals who are looking to offer further care for their postpartum patients. It’s also for women who have a passion for supporting postpartum women and are looking for a new, fulfilling career path.

If you would like to apply for this training, please fill out this application. 


Here is what we’ll cover over our 8-week journey:


  • The Body: Physical body, bones, muscles, fascia, joints, nerves, ligaments


  • Mind & Spirit: The healing power of movement on an energetic level, energetics of the body, chakra system


  • Specialty: Pelvic Floor, Supporting moms after birth & surgery, (c-section, incontinence, organ prolapse, hormones, diastasis recti)


  • Flower Essences: How to support moms/women emotionally, how to “prescribe” {ther•happy} Flower Essence Remedies


Other topics to be covered:


  • Healing the body physically and emotionally after surgery, how to move forward
  • How to support back, neck, shoulder and knee aches, injuries, or pain


Your commitment:


  • Commitment to weekly Private sessions, group meetings
  • Self Practice time: (Private Pilates sessions)
  • Observation time (come in and watch me teach)
  • Completion ceremony (oral and practical tests)
  • Weekly homework and reading assignments




  • Intellectual property contract
  • Commitment contract
  • Payment contract


Investment: $2800

(payment option available)

$800 deposit

(deducted from total cost)


Want to join us? Apply here.


What else is included?


  • Full understanding of the above-listed topics:

I will work with you until you feel confident and ready to teach


  • Full access to me for questions at all times

Email, call or text with questions as you’re learning and studying


  • 3 Private Flower Essence Therapy sessions & 3 custom remedies

This is an amazing way to have a personal experience with Flower Essences, to have a better understanding of what they are, and what they do for the energetic body


  • 8 Private Pilates sessions with me


  • Course Manual


  • The Anatomy of Movement & The Spirit of Anatomy books


  • The Natalie Garay Methode Journal




The Natalie Garay Methode Certification Program 2018



January 2018

Week 1:

Tuesday, January 16th 6 pm- 8 pm

Thursday, January  18th 6 pm – 8 pm


Week 2:

Tuesday, January 23rd 6pm-8pm

Thursday, January 25th 6pm-8pm

Week 3:

Tuesday, January 30th 6pm-8pm

Thursday, February 1st 6pm-8pm

Week 4:

Tuesday, February 6th 6pm-8pm

Thursday, February 8th 6 pm- 8 pm

Week 5:

Tuesday, February 13th 6 pm –8pm

Thursday, February 15th 6 pm- 8 pm

Week 6:

Tuesday, February 20th 6 pm-8 pm

Wednesday, February 22nd 6 pm- 8 pm

Week 7: 

Tuesday, March 6th 6pm-8pm

Thursday, March 8th  6pm-9pm

Week 8:  

Tuesday, March 13th 6 pm- 8 pm

Thursday, March 15th 6 pm – 8 pm

Saturday, March 17th 10 am – 4 pm

Sunday, March 18th 10 am – 4 pm


Week 1: Intentions, Mission, Connection

Week 2: Mind & Spirit: Anatomy of Spirit book discussion

Week 3: The Energetic Body– Chakra 1-7

Week 4: Flower Essences & Managing Emotions, Tuning in to & listening to your intuition, How to prescribe {ther•happy} remedies. How to feel your client’s energy

Week 5: Anatomy: Postpartum rehabilitation (organ prolapse, incontinence, diastasis recti, c-section recovery)

Week 6: Anatomy (muscles), How to work with injuries

Week 7: Anatomy (Bones)

Week 8: Review, Q & A, Test out


Apply for this program here.

Full Pilates Apparatus Training available. Please contact me to discuss details.


Future Certification options:

••14-day Intensive training in Tulum September 2018••