You may have heard me talk about my Flower Essence Therapy training lately and wondered what the heck I was talking about, so I thought I’d fill you in.

As a Pilates Instructor who specializes in C-section Recovery and Pelvic Floor strengthening, I work with new mamas mostly, but moms in general. In some cases, my clients may need some emotional support along with their physical strengthening, and that’s where the magic of Flower Essences come in.

Flower essences are homeopathic dilutions of flowers used to address emotional and physical imbalance. They’re gentle and simply magical.

Flower Essences are for you if:

*you have mommy overwhelm
*had a traumatic birth experience
*experience anxiety
*experience depression
*feel fatigue

How does it work?

As a Certified Flower Essence Therapist, I look forward to creating a custom flower essence that will support you in your healing journey. During your Initial Flower Essence session, we’ll meet on the phone (or in person) for 60 minutes and talk about how the essences and I can best support you. I’ll then create a custom Flower Essence and mail it to you or have it available for you to pick up.
You’ll receive a 1/2 bottle of your custom essence to take orally 3 times a day. Your bottle will last you about 1 month.

If you’re curious about how Flower Essences and I can support you, send your questions my way, email me here.

hugs & kegels,


Where do I go from here you ask? If you’re local to the Central Coast in CA, join me at my studio! If you’re too far to join me in person, join me online! I offer live Virtual Sessions, plus downloadable videos.