Over the course of my Pilates career, I’ve heard similar stories of women not being able to fully enjoy an active lifestyle. Some were experiencing back pain, some neck pain, others incontinence.

The light bulb finally went on when I heard a client share a story about her embarrassing experience of emptying her bladder on a trampoline while playing with her kids.

The more I studied the pelvis, (and continue to study) I’m finding that it holds so much more than our organs. We’ll get to that in just a bit but let’s start with the physical responsibilities of our pelvis.

It’s a bowl that contains and holds a lot of very important organs, our reproductive organs, our bladder, small and large intestines, and rectum.

We’re talking life growing, producing, and bodily functions. Important stuff, right?


But that’s not all! (did you read that in the infomercial voice like I did?)

Get this, your pelvis also holds your sense of security, your desires, your creativity, it has the ability to affect your finances, your relationships, and your sense of self-worth.

Holy moly!

Women of the world, are you listening? This is huge.

How does it affect these areas and what can we do about it? 

Within our physical body is an energetic body that is affected by our life experiences, surroundings, and what we consume.

Since my work focuses on the postpartum mama, let’s talk about some experiences that can affect the energetics of your pelvis.

  • Pregnancy
  • Vaginal Childbirth
  • Cesarean Section Surgery
  • Episiotomy
  • Perineum tearing

What do these things have to with our outward life experiences? Here are some of the things I’ve had clients say to me:

“I just don’t feel right.”

“It’s been years, is there still hope?”

“I’ve lost my drive and motivation”

“I have no desire for sex anymore.”

“I’m really struggling financially.”

“My relationships have really suffered lately.”

“I don’t see myself as being successful.”

“I used to be so creative.”

“I used to be so happy.”


Are you feeling this way?

I have. I’ve been there but I’ve worked really hard over the last 14 years to heal my mind, body, and spirit and I’m taking what I’ve learned and I’m passing it along in hopes of helping women come back to their full, healthy, happy, and strong self.

Beyond The Kegel: A Pelvic Floor Strengthening workshop

In my downloadable Beyond The Kegel workshop, I present an in-depth PowerPoint Presentation discussing the anatomy of the pelvis, plus the energetics of the pelvis and what they have to do with how we show up in the world.

I also give you two Pilates videos and a PDF of exercises to help you strengthen your physical body and move your energetic body. Moving your body is one of the keys to healing and moving your pelvic energy.


You can learn more about it and access the workshop here.