Yikes, I know what a topic, huh? As a mother of 3 daughters, a Pilates Instructor to many, many mamas, and a member of various childbirth support groups, I hear this subject come up a lot, and I think that’s great! Let’s talk about it, because nobody is. It’s important.

The truth is this, yes it can happen, but fortunately not every mama will experience it. I’ve read comments from women saying, “My mother had 10 children, she’s fine. I’ve had 7, no problem.” Others have commented, “I’ve had one child, and yes, I have a slight prolapse.”

We already know that every person is different; every pregnancy is different, every body is different. Like I said, it can happen, so let’s err on the cautious side, huh?   I know, after carrying extra weight with our bundles we might be more inclined to think about weight loss rather than rehabilitating our vaginas. And maybe at first, you may not even notice an issue, but just like with any other part of the body we have, over time things start to fall apart. Muscles are meant for moving, and without movement they become weak and stuff starts to fall, droop, sag, and that can lead to pain and more.   I know, I’m not painting a very pretty picture here, but all I’m trying to say is that it can happen. But good news! It can be prevented and/or rehabilitated.

Pregnancy alone puts pressure on your pelvic muscles. Pushing a baby out also weakens your pelvic floor muscles. However, strengthening before and after baby helps to keep your parts where they belong.

If you’ve had one baby or you’re planning on having multiple children, I would recommend prepping your body for childbirth.   Yes, these sweet babies are worth all the trouble we put our bodies through to get them here, but how about making your life just a little bit easier by reducing potential ailments? Why, because if you’re strong and pain-free you can focus more time and energy on caring for your family.

Let’s break it down.

These 4 things are a must after baby:

  1. Move Your bod

  2. Rebuild your abdominals

  3. Strengthen your pelvic floor

  4. Listen to your body


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