Need Help Chilling the F*ck Out? 5 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at times, and it can sometimes be a challenge to manage. Chronic stress has the tendency to lead to various ailments, if not controlled, and many of these ailments can be potentially life-threatening, like heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. Fortunately, there are many viable treatments for stress and anxiety, so you can keep it at bay before it begins jeopardizing your health. Medical doctors typically rely on their prescription pads to prescribe anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications to people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety, but the use of essential oils is a natural and effective alternative to help you relax instead. If you need to chill out and you prefer not to take prescription medications, then here is an overview of the five best essential oils for anxiety, courtesy of You Need {ther • happy}.


While valerian is a plant that is often administered in tea or dietary supplement form, this calming root can also be enjoyed as an essential oil. Some people question whether or not valerian essential oil is as effective as tea and supplements, but others who have tried it swear by the capability of this essential oil to help them chill out. The smell of valerian essential oil isn't as pleasant as many other essential oils, but it's been proven to be quite useful for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and many other conditions.


There aren't many people who aren't familiar with the wonderful smell of lavender. This pleasant-smelling herb has been used in many forms since ancient times, and it has often been used as an ingredient in perfume and incense. Despite the fact that lavender has had many different uses over the years, one of its main uses is promoting relaxation and providing stress relief. Its pleasant fragrance makes it easy for people to turn to it as a way to relax and chill out.


While most people associate this strong-smelling herb with colds and flu due to its ability to effectively open the airways and promote respiratory health, eucalyptus has also been found to be quite effective at treating stress-related conditions. Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of eucalyptus for calming frayed nerves, and many of the studies have been favorable.


If you're looking for an essential oil that smells amazing and simultaneously promotes calmness and relaxation, then you're going to love geranium. In fact, this wonderful-smelling plant can treat additional ailments, as well, including inflammatory skin conditions, acne, depression, sore throat, and more. You certainly can't go wrong by using this essential oil to help you chill out whenever you need to, and you might be able to enjoy its other benefits as well.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is surprisingly part of the mint family, so while its leaves certainly smell lemony, they also have a hint of mint fragrance to them. This minty, lemony plant has various medicinal uses, including the reduction of blood pressure, use as an antioxidant in order to fight free radicals, and especially for the fostering of relaxation.

So, if you need to chill the f*ck out, use essential oils, you can naturally boost your ability to relax, which can potentially ward off a variety of stress-related illnesses. A great product to use is Calm the F*ck Down therapeutic mist by You Need {ther • happy}. This mist is made with organic lavender and tangerine essential oils, flower essences, and water while promoting peace, joy, and giving less f*cks. Be sure to spray it everywhere so you can let your sh*t go.

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