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Article: Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

{ther • happy} produces handmade therapeutic products called theramists.  

The first product, Calm the F*ck Down, was originally made as an added tool for Natalie's postpartum Private Pilates clients to accompany their physical rehabilitation.

One day, a client messaged Natalie after using it and said, “This really should be called, ‘Calm The F*ck Down!’” So, we renamed it, repackaged it and, well - now it’s f*cking perfect. We sold all 200 bottles of our new product over the holidays in 2019, and we just keep growing!

When Natalie’s Pilates studio closed in 2020, she decided to focus on making new products. Her newest Theramists, Go the F*ck To Sleep & Rise the F*ck Up are now available.

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Our Giveback

Our Giveback

When it comes to giving back, we give lots of f*cks. We are a women-owned and operated business with big f*cking hearts for supporting women. That’s why 1% of our annual sales are donated to women-...

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