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The Natalie Garay Methode

My mission is to help women feel strong & happy from the inside out.

{ther • happy} focuses on Pelvic Floor, C-section, & Diastasis Recti rehabilitation using Private Pilates, Flower Essence Therapy, & mindfulness practices.

It's never too late to rehabilitate. Whether you're a new mama or you're post-menopausal, rehabilitation is possible.

For Mamas

Join me at {ther • happy} studio or online for Private Pilates or Flower Essence Therapy.


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For Healers

I've spent the last 15 years perfecting a holistic approach to healing for Mamas. I am honored to pass it on.


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Products to help a mama stay sane. Get my signature Flower Essences, journals and more.


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Watch: Why & How I Heal Mamas

Stories of Mamas on the Central Coast

The intention of this book is to share and witness the individual heroic stories of women in our community and beyond. Too often, I hear women say that they feel alone in their birth or motherhood journey. By sharing our stories, we learn how connected and similar our stories really are.

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 podcast!  Women's health experts share their knowledge about best practices for caring for your mind and body after having children. Listen and Subscribe on iTunes

I believe...

> Women aren’t receiving the necessary information about rehabilitating physically and emotionally after birth.

> It’s never too late to rehabilitate or strengthen your body after children. You can avoid surgery with a consistent Pilates practice.

> Strengthening your abdominals and pelvic floor after birth or surgery is imperative.

> It’s not just your physical body that needs support after birth, your energetic and emotional body needs attention too.

> Your Pelvis, Your Power: It's the Container for your confidence, finances, and success.

> Regular mindfulness practices, movement, and sister connection time are key to feeling grounded, inspired, and whole.

> Pregnancy, birth, and surgery can affect your energetic body.

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Love Letters

  • “When I first signed up for the 6 week Pilates group, I had no idea I was about to embark on a healing journey of my soul. I thought I was just going to tighten my abs and kegals! Thank you Natalie for igniting this healing. You are a true healer, no doubt.”
    DeeDee White
    Photography by DeeDee
  • “I know Pilates can sound exotic…and well, hard. Like it’s only for the super fit, ballet dancers, professional athletes, or professional spa goers…but the truth is Pilates was born out of chronic illness. Small movements – breath. It’s where strength and flexibility can begin to return and health takes root. I cannot recommend Natalie’s programs enough. And did I mention you can do them from bed? I have. Start where you are. Join me!”
    Lindsay Pera
    Full Circle Wellness
  • At first I was skeptical about doing Pilates online. As a yoga teacher, I know how important it is to see the client’s alignment up close. But Natalie totally turned me around – she was able to see and articulate subtle alignment cues, making our session as challenging and exciting as an in-person session.
    Katie Braja
    Jojoba's Witness
  • “Natalie is an outstanding Pilates Instructor! While working in our Pilates studio, she provided excellent post-rehabilitation Pilates instruction for our Physical Therapy patients who were recovering from various orthopedic issues including low back pain, total hip replacement, shoulder and foot/ankle issues. I have also had the pleasure of being a private Pilates client of Natalie’s. As a Physical Therapist, I was impressed with her keen eye for form and movement, and I truly benefited from my sessions with her. I told Natalie that my goal was to firm and tone my glutes and thighs–let’s just say, mission accomplished. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are motivating, and her focus and techniques are effective.”
    Dr. Natalie Sampson, DPT
    Symmetry Physical Therapy & Wellness

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Private Pilates Instruction with a focus on pelvic floor, c-section, & Diastasis Recti rehabilitation. Flower Essence Therapy, mindfulness practices, and the support of a warm community.

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